Wednesday, April 4, 2007

About ‘Personal Finance and You’

Are you struggling with your paycheck? Does it never seem to be enough? Are you living from one paycheck to another? Do you have nightmares about not having saved a single rupee in spite of earning money for a couple of years now? Do your parents do your tax saving year after year? Does your money accumulate idly in a current / savings account? If your answer is yes to more than one of the above questions then you seriously need to sit up and rethink about your financial strategy.

Some weeks ago, I expressed interest in my journal to start a blog on Personal Finance. Here I am, with the first post. This blog is currently going through an experimental phase with no structure or specific focus on any single aspect of personal finance. I plan to delve into anything and everything that affects the financials of a salaried individual – long-term saving, short-term saving, saving on taxes, investing and spending wisely.

Here you will find information on savings tools, bargain buys, balanced investing, financial trends and a number of links to other useful personal finance articles and features across the internet. Though most of the posts on this site will focus on personal finance in India, targeting the twenty-something salaried class, it is important to note that the general aspects of personal finance are applicable anywhere in the world and will make perfect sense to just about anyone at whatever age.

Welcome to this website. Join me on this journey towards the discovery of financial independence and how to make money really work for you. Very importantly, please note that all views expressed here are based on my own reading, experiences and research. The same goes for comments and opinions left by readers. I do not work for any personal finance related organization nor is my aim to market any finance related product. My advice to all you readers would be to do your own research before you make a decision.

This is my first venture into something as serious and significant as Personal Finance. With time and with continued learning and discussions I am hoping that this will evolve to cater to the needs of the readers and provide reliable and useful information on all aspects of personal Finance


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Avantika said...

Cool. Looking forward to reading your posts here :)