Sunday, June 15, 2008

Personal Finance and Presidents

A break from serious personal finance discussions... actually this one's just as serious. If you were to appoint a Financial Manager for yourself and if you were privy to his personal finance information regarding his assets and liabilities, who would you choose?

One, who has made the wise decisions, saved money for retirement or a raining day and has no liabilities or one who has never invested in the stock market, has money lying around in a savings account and yet pays interest on credit card debts amounting to a hundred thousand dollars? Will your decision change if you got to know that the net worth of the former is just about 1/10th that of the latter? And what if the latter has a higher net worth owing to inheritance rather than self-made like the former?

This should be the question in the minds of millions of Americans who go to poll this year. Are you willing to choose for your country what you would choose for yourself?

And if you still had any doubt… the former is Barack Obama and the latter is John McCain.

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